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PPS Manual Overview

This manual is designed to assist in the use of the PPS Entry/Update using the software for CICS PPS and is intended for individuals who are already functionally knowledgeable in Personnel and Payroll policies.

Using this guide

Additional sections of this guide focus on navigation and features of the system. Transaction/Action sections and the supplemental Additional Information section are provided to serve as guides to the user for some, but not all, staff, academic, graduate student and general university policies which must be considered and applied before processing actions in PPS. Where the applicable policies and procedures are common to all personnel programs, there will be one link and where they are different by personnel program, there will be separate links.

The two main type of employee covered by this manual are:

Other resources:

  • PPS Website (Systems Information): The official website for supporting PPS. Information includes forms, code translations, payroll calendar, software for PPS, etc.
  • PPS Decision Support (PPS DS) ( A web-based reporting tool to access employee, expense, staffing and code translation data.  In order to use this tool, you must apply for access separate from your production PPS access.

This guide is not intended as a stand-alone training document. Users who will be entering data through the use of PPS must also attend training sessions which will provide policy information and experience in use of the system.