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Screens in CICS PPS

This section describes the types of screens in the PPS Online Entry/Update system. It contains information on screen layout and details the purpose and use of each screen.

There are different types of screens in the Online Entry/Update system:

Menu Screens

Online Application Main Menu Screen

The Online Applications Main Menu (MMNU) displays data bases and associated online application subsystems which may be selected for inquiry, entry or update. An application may be selected by placing the curser next to the function code identifying the subsystem and pressing Enter, or by typing the function code in the Next Func field and pressing Enter.

EDB Inquiry Screens

Displays a list of 3- or 4-character function codes and related function descriptions which identify a specific screen. Inquiry screens allow the user to view information on an employee only.


Employee Browse Screens

Contains a list of employees who have records in the EDB (Employee Data Base).


Entry Screens

Contain multiple entry fields, each representing a single data element. Entry screens are used to add, change, or delete information for an existing employee record. They are also used to enter new employee records. These screens display data grouped by a general category. EAPP is an example of an entry screen that allows appointment and distribution data to be added, changed, or deleted.


Message Screens

Displays messages which result from the edit and update process.

Consistency Edit Screen (ECON)

Related data elements will be compared in context to one another to check for inconsistencies within that group of related data elements. The data involved in the error will be presented for correction. It may be corrected on this screen or the user may be required to return to the entry screen to enter the correction.


Detailed Screen Layout

Header Section

Lines 1 and 2 make up the fixed header information and identify the screen.

Lines 3 and 4 contain the variable header information which uniquely identifies the employee record that is being accessed.

Detailed Fixed Header Information


Screen Identifier

This 13-character code which appears in the upper left corner of the screen uniquely identifies each Online EDB Entry/Update screen. The screen identifier is formatted as PPXXXX0-E0000 and is composed of the following:

  • PP: Indicates the Personnel Payroll System
  • XXXX: Function Code (See Inquiry or Entry screens)
  • 0: The zero is a placeholder reserved for future use
  • E: The subsystem (E=Entry/Update  I=Iquiry)
  • 0000: The last release which odified the screen

System Title

Appears in the top middle of each screen.

Current System Date and Time

Appears in the upper right corner of each screen.

Record Update Date and Time

(This field appears only on entry screens on line 2, left side.) This reflects the last time the employee record was updated, but does not necessarily mean that the data elements appearing on the selected entry screen were updated at that time.

Screen Title

Is found in the middle of line 2.

User ID

The logon identification of the user who accessed the system, found on line 2, right side of each screen.

 Detailed Variable Header Information



Employee Identification Number (line 3, left side)


Employee Name found (line 3, middle)

Pri Pay

(Primary Pay) A two character code indicating the normal pay schedule for the selected employee such as "MO" for monthly or "BW" for biweekly.

Pg # of #

When the data available fills more than one screen, the number of pages will be displayed and the page number being viewed will display, such as "Page 1 of 3" or "Page 2 of 6." (4th line, right)

Footer Section

The footer section appears on lines 18-24 on every screen.

Detailed Footer Information 


Next Func

(Next Function) The user may enter a Function Code in this field.

Employee Record Keys

The user may enter a value in any one of these fields to select an employee record (only use one of the employee identifier fields):

  • Name: Employee Name, this is the employee's name as recorded on the database in the format of LAST NAMED,FIRST NAME (space) MIDDLE INITIAL
  • SSN: Employee's Social Security Number

System Message Line

System messages will appear on this line.

Command Line===>

The Command Line may be used to enter Function Key numbers if a keyboard does not have function keys. This area may also be used to enter a Function Code or a special command.

F Key

Function Keys: Only the Function Keys that are active for a particular screen appear in the footer section of each screen. These keys are described in Navigation.