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Other Personnel Action Changes - Single Screen Entry

Determining whether to use individual screens or bundles is largely influenced by the type of action being processed. 

There are instances when the change is not processed by using a bundle. For example: adding a stipend to an employee's appointment, or updating an employee’s leave code due to the attainment of five, 10, 15, or 20 years of service. These types of changes are processed by selecting the appropriate screen on which the data is entered.

The expectation is that most primary personnel transactions will be processed using the bundles. For example: promotions, reclassifications, re-hires and renewals of appointments are all processed using a bundle. If entries require two or more screens, it is strongly recommended that you use a bundle. The advantage of using bundles is that screens are linked and data is highlighted to assist the preparer in determining which fields are likely to require review and/or update.

The following are examples of the types of changes processed on a single screen:

  1. Leave Accrual code: EAPP - (Appointment/Distribution)
    *PLEASE NOTE: When making this change, do not change the begin date on the appointment. Also, the PAN comment should state the effective date of eligibility and what the previous and current leave code.
    For example: Leave code changed from A to B effective 5/1/08 per memo dated 4/1/08 from HR.

  2. Change FAU: EAPP - (Appointment/Distribution)

  3. Add or Extend a Stipend (DOS Codes: SAS for Staff and STP for Academic): EAPP - (Appointment/Distribution) Pre-authorization may be required from the Davis campus or UC Davis Health Human Resources. Written requests from the department should be sent to the appropriate Compensation Analyst for review and approval. Comments should state the amount/percentage of the stipend and name of the Analyst who approved it. Stipends for MSP employees must be approved by AVC HR, 436 Mrak Hall.
    For example: 7% stipend approved per memo dated 4/15/08 from Jane Doe in HR.

  4. Affect an Exceptional, Equity or Exception to Pay Policy Salary Increase: EAPP - (Appointment/Distribution) Pre-authorization may be required from campus, UCDHS Human Resources, or deans’ offices. PAN comments should state the percentage of the increase or the step and who approved it. Exceptional salaries/equities for MSP employees must be approved by AVC HR, 436 Mrak Hall.
    For example: 10% increase/one-step increase approved per memo dated 3/23/08 from John Smith in HR.

  5. Change an Employee’s Probationary Period End Date: EPER - (Personnel/Miscellaneous) Pre-authorization may be required from the Davis campus or UC Davis Health Human Resources/Employee & Labor Relations. This change does not produce a PAN.

  6. Correct an Employee’s Salary Review Date or Type: EPER - (Personnel/Miscellaneous) These changes do not produce a PAN.

  7. Change or Correct an Employee’s Name, Birth Date or Social Security Number: EEID - (Employee Identification) Only the name change produces a PAN.

  8. Update or Correct the Type of Degree an Employee Attained and the Year of Attainment: EPD2 - (Employee Personal Data 2) These changes do not produce a PAN.

  9. Correct or Update Citizenship/Sex Change, etc.:  EPD1 (Employee Personal Data 1) Changing code for citizenship does produce a PAN. Changing code for sex does not produce a PAN.