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Academic Stipend Action

A stipend provides for the payment of a supplementary administrative stipend to academic appointees who accept specific, time-limited positions of academic leadership in addition to their normally assigned professorial duties. 



The policies can be found in the Academic Personnel Manual (APM 633). Questions regarding the process should be directed to the Analyst in your Dean’s Office.


Before you start

  • Obtain the required administrative approvals for the salary and appointment



Step 1 - Navigate to Appointments/Distributions Screen 

To start the process type EAPP in the Next Func field and type the employee’s ID number in the ID field or the employees name in the Name field. Press Enter to navigate to the EAPP screen.

Navigate to EAPP


Step 2 - EAPP Screen: Entering the Appointment

  1. To pay an academic stipend, establish a new appointment and distribution. 
  2. The appointment number uniquely identifies an appointment and its associated data. See Appointments and Distributions for additional information.
  3. Tab or move cursor to the command (===>) line. Enter ADD A to add the appointment. Press Enter.

EAPP Stipend


Data Information


A system derived appointment number will automatically populate the Appt field.


The cursor will be positioned in the Actions field. This field is used to enter action codes that identify the activity or change of information that is occurring at the appointment level. Use F1-Help to see a list of the available codes, or refer to Personnel Action Codes chart.


The system will derive the personnel program from the title code


Enter the code representing the employee’s appointment type status associated with the appointment. The type code for all academic appointments is 5.

For more information see PPS Appointment Types Code chart


This is the number of months (either 9 or 11) that the appointee is expected to perform service. Enter 9 for an academic year appointment or enter 11 for a fiscal year appointment.

Paid Over

This is the number of months over which the appointee will receive salary. Stipends are either basis/paid over of 11/11 or 9/9.

A chart explaining basis/paid over can be found at Academic Personnel website.

Appt Begin

Enter the date the employee's appointment becomes effective, formatted as mmddyy

Appt End

Enter the date on which the appointment is expected to end.


Do not enter information in this field


This field is system-derived


Enter the 4-digit numeric title code for this position. See Academic Title Codes for a list.


Do not enter information in this field

% Full

Do not enter information in this field.


The code representing whether the amount of time to be worked in an appointment is fixed F or variable V for each pay period. Enter fixed F for all academic appointees.

Ann/Hr Rate

Do not complete. This field is system derived


Enter code A that represents the MOnthly rate

The code entered must be compatible with the Rate/Amount on the distribution. Refer to the Description of Service (DOS) Code Table on the PPS website.


Enter code MO that represents the Monthly pay schedule on which the appointment is to be paid.

An employee can have only one (1) pay schedule across all appointments.


Enter the code that represents the method of reporting time worked in an appointment.

  • Z - Positive reporting, submits timesheet
  • R - Exception reporting, submits leave time
  • E - Exception reporting, submits no leave, not on roster
  • W - Without Salary, not on roster
  • N - Positive reporting, processing pay for separation, not on roster

Refer to PPS Time Codes.


Enter a leave code of N for all stipends, they do not accrue vacation and sick leave. 

For further information see the Leave Accrual Codes.

 Tab or move cursor to the command (===>) line.


Step 3 - EAPP Screen: Entering the Distribution

  1. The distribution number uniquely identifies a payroll distribution associated with an appointment. See Appointments and Distributions for additional information.
  2. Tab or move cursor to the command (===>) line. Enter ADD D. Press Enter to continue. A system generated number will automatically populate the Dist field.


Data Information

C/Account/Sub-A/Obj/S-O/ Project

Enter the full accounting unit (FAU) to which pay will be charged. The FAU must already be established in DaFIS. Required fields are C/Account/Object Consolidation (SUBG, SB01, SB03, etc).

Note:  Davis has four location codes, 3, L, H & S.


Do not enter in this field

Dist %

Do not enter in this field

Pay Begin

Enter the date the pay should start being charged to this FAU

Pay End

Enter the date the pay should stop being charged to this FAU.


Do not enter in this field


Do not enter in this field


 Enter the employees, full monthly rate for the stipend.


(Description of Service) Enter STP for Stipends.  Refer to the Description of Service (DOS) Codes webpage for more information


Do not enter information in this field


Do not enter information in this field.


Do not enter information in this field.

  1. Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2. Press F5 to update.


Step 4 - The PAN Comments Screen

PAN comments

Enter the following in the PAN Comments screen:

  1. title code
  2. type of transaction – in this case adding a stipend
  3. beginning and end date of stipend

Example: TC 1099, Administrative stipend, 10/1/15 to 6/30/16

Note:  If the Preparer phone or email is incorrect, please add the correct info to your comment.

Press F5 to complete the update in PPS and send the PAN.