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Academic Separation Action

When an employee terminates all university employment, the PPS preparer must always process the separation in a timely manner using the separation bundle.



For specific information regarding the separation policies and process for separating employees please contact your Dean’s Office Analyst.  Below are important web sites for information on Benefits and payment of wages.


Before you start:

  • Obtain the required administrative approvals for the transaction.
  • Obtain the employee's signed letter of resignation.



Step 1 - Navigate to SEPS Bundle 

The Separation bundle (SEPS) is required to separate an individual.  The SEPS bundle includes the following screens:

  • ESEP – Separation Data
  • EAPP – Appointment/Distributions
  • EPD1 – Employee Personnel Data
  • EADD – Employee Address Data
  • EPER – Personnel Miscellaneous

To start the process type SEPS in the Next Func field and type the employee’s ID number in the ID field or the employees name in the Name field. Press Enter to navigate to the Separation bundle.

SEPS Bundle


Step 2 - The ESEP Screen: Separation

Separation Screen


Data Information

Last Day on Pay Status

Enter the last day the employee is to receive compensation for time worked or on paid leave. All salary terminates on this day and is normally the last day the employee is at work

Separation Date

Enter the date on which the separation is effective. This date is normally the same as the last day on pay status. This date may differ from the last day on pay status for an employee who is on a leave of absence without pay and decides not to return to work. The separation date would then be the date the employee notifies the department of his/her decision to resign.  The separation date automatically generates a Coverage End Date for medical, dental, vision and legal plans, which discontinues the transmission of premiums to insurance carriers at the appropriate time.


Select the code that most accurately reflects the reason for separation (press F1 for a list of codes).


Enter the code that represents the employee's destination following UC employment (if known).

Future Institution Code

Enter the Future Institution code, this is for Academic Separations only.

Intercampus Transfer

This field is used only when the employee is transferring to another UC campus and there is no break-in-service. Enter the Personnel Action Code that will establish the action as an intercampus transfer. For example, Personnel Action Code 21 is Intercampus Transfer. Refer to Intercampus Transfers for outgoing transfers from UCD to another UC campus or laboratory.

Note: Add to PAN distribution list. For additional information see the Intercampus Transfers section of this manual.

Anticipated Retire Date

Do not enter data in this field.

Press Enter to confirm the information. Press F11 to advance to the next screen.


Step 3 - The EAPP Screen: Appointment/Distribution

EAPP Screen


Data Information

Appt End Date

Enter the date on which the employee's appointment ends. This date is generally the date that is entered as the Separation Date on the ESEP screen. However, if the existing appointment begin date is later than the proposed appointment end date, delete the appointment by using the DELETE command.

Follow the same procedure for all current appointments.


Enter an asterisk (*) to delete the duration code.


Only change the Time Reporting Code to N if the employee is being terminated. This code will block payment on the regular pay cycle.

Dist Pay End Date

Enter the date on which all payment should end. This is generally the same date as the Last Day on Pay on the ESEP screen. However, if the existing distribution begin date is later than the proposed distribution end date, delete the distribution by using the DELETE command.

Follow the same procedure for all remaining distributions.

Press Enter to confirm the information and press F11 to advance to the next screen.


Step 4 - The EPD1: Employee Personal Data 1

  1. No changes are required on this screen
  2. Press F11 to advance to the next screen.


Step 5 - The EADD Scree: Employee Address Data

  1. If permanent address has changed, complete permanent address information. If the employee is moving, update the address information to ensure timely delivery of the W-2 form, otherwise no entry is needed.
  2. Press F11 to advance to the next screen.


Step 6 - The EPER Screen: Personnel - Miscellaneous

  1. No changes required on this screen.
  2. Press Enter to confirm any changes, press F5 to begin the update process.


Step 7 - The ECOM Screen: Post Authorization Notification Comments 

  1. PPS preparers need to include a statement in the comments section regarding the circumstances of the separation. Include:
    • Title Code
    • Brief description of the action
    • Effective (date) and has given 72 hours or more notice, or effective (date) and has not given 72 hours notice
  2. Press Enter and press F10 to add additional recipients to the PAN.


Step 8 - Post Authorization Notification – Notification Preparation 

  1. The preparer should add the OPTRS preparer as a recipient of the PAN. Make sure the OPTRS preparer requests a rush check for the payment of the final hours and terminal vacation pay.
  2. Press Enter and press F5 to complete the action and update the employee record.


Step 9 - Printing the Employee Document (IDOC)

  1. Refer to the instructions for printing a web-based PPS IDOC.