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Academic Recruitment Allowance Transaction

Formerly known as the Salary Differential Housing Allowance Program, this program assists faculty recruitment through grants to selected eligible participants.



The primary purpose of the Faculty Recruitment Allowance is to provide support for housing costs, but recipients may also use the allowance for childcare expenses, education or tuition assistance, or similar expenses. The Faculty Recruitment Allowance is considered taxable income and may be paid in one lump sum or over a period not to exceed ten years in equal, unequal, or declining balance amounts.

The eligible population for the program consists of full-time University appointees who are members of the Academic Senate pursuant to Regents' Standing Order Section 105.1, full time appointees to the title Acting Assistant Professor, and the Agronomist in the Agricultural Experiment Station series. The program is further limited to persons within two years of their qualifying appointment. An eligible faculty member who permanently transfers to another University location may be considered for a Faculty Recruitment Allowance, subsequent to his or her date of transfer.

For more information, view the full text of the University Policy (APM 190-Appendix E).

All fields that should be considered for data entry are listed. Many of the fields were fully defined in the New Hire bundle. Comments pertaining specifically to this transaction are included below. Always review existing appointment(s) and distribution(s) and update the data as necessary. This payment is to be made on the MO pay cycle only.



Step 1. EAPP Screen: Add Distribution

  • Navigate to the EAPP screen and on the command line enter ADD D, press Enter.


Data Information


The code will be system derived for this action. Reference: Personnel Action Codes.


Enter the full accounting unit for the distribution.


Leave this field blank. The payment will be a lump sum payment, not a percentage.

Pay Begin

Enter the begin date for the month in which the payment will be made.

Pay End

Enter the end date for the month in which the payment will be made.


Leave this field blank.


Enter the one month payment amount.


(Description of Service) Enter THA for the payment. Refer to the DOS Codes webpage for more information on DOS codes.

  • Press Enter and then press F5 to advance to the PAN comments screen.


Step 2: ECOM Screen

PAN comments

Enter the following in the Description of Content field of the PAN Comments screen:

  1. Title code
  2. Type of transaction – Faculty Recruitment Allowance
  3. Notation of pre-approved exceptions (if applicable)

Note:  If the Preparer phone or email is incorrect, please add the correct info to your comment.

  • Press F5 to complete the update and send the PAN.