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Academic Merit Action

Use this bundle to process a merit increase for an eligible academic appointee whose merit has been approved and announced.  



Refer to UCD-220 and UCD 220AF for criteria for eligibility and requirements for dossier preparation.  Contact the analyst in your dean’s office for assistance.

All fields that should be considered for data entry are listed. Many fields were fully defined in the New Hire bundle. Comments pertaining specifically to the personnel actions described above are included below. Always review existing appointment(s) and distribution(s) and update the data as necessary. Add new distributions as necessary to complete the transaction.

Screens included in the SALR bundle:

  • EPER - Personnel-Miscellaneous
  • EAPP - Appointments/Distributions
  • ETAX - Tax Information
  • ECOM - Merit Increase



Step 1 - The EPER Screen


Data Information

Next Salary Review Date

Do not enter information in this field.

Next Salary Review Type

Do not enter information in this field.

Merit Rate Increase Percent

Do not enter information in this field.

  •  Press Enter, then press F11 to move to the EAPP screen.


Step 2 - The EAPP Screen: Addng the distribution

  1. The distribution number uniquely identifies a payroll distribution associated with an appointment. See Appointments and Distributions for additional information.
  2. For Exiting Distributions: The current distribution(s) must be ended by entering a Pay End date that is immediately prior to the effective date of the merit increase.
  3. ADD OR COPY A NEW DISTRIBUTION LINE: Tab or move cursor to the command (===>) line.  Enter ADD D to add the distribution with a system generated distribution number.  Press Enter to continue.  A system generated number will automatically populate the Dist field.


Data Information


Enter 04 for a merit increase


Enter the full accounting unit (FAU) to which pay will be charged. The FAU must already be established in DaFIS. Required fields are C/Account/Object Consolidation (SUBG, SB01, SB03, etc).


Enter Full Time Equivalent (FTE) percent for staffing/budgeted purposes. Only enter for academic positions that are permanently funded; i.e. for full time enter 1.0, for 50% enter .50  Note: Do not enter in this field for Academic Federation titles

Dist %

Enter the percentage of time chargeable to this account. The percentage should be entered to the fourth decimal point; i.e. 100% is entered as 1.0000, 50% is entered as .5000

Pay Begin

Enter the effective date of the salary increase.  Merit increases are effective July 1st of a given year.

Pay End

Enter the date the pay should stop being charged to this FAU or enter 999999 for an indefinite appointment.


Enter the new step (if any) associated with the title code and pay rate.  DO NOT enter steps with a decimal point or roman numeral, for example step 1 is entered as 1.


Off-scale/Above Scale. An O identifies that the salary rate is off-scale.  An A indicates this individual is above scale.


 Enter the employee’s new full monthly rate for the designated rank and step.


Description of Service.  Enter the code that represents the type of pay.


Do not enter information in this field


Leave this field blank


Do not enter information in this field.

  •  Press Enter, then press F11 to move to ETAX screen.


Step 3 - The ECOM Screen

PAN comments

Enter the following in the Description of Content field of the PAN Comments screen:

  1. title code
  2. type of transaction – Merit Increase
  3. notation of pre-approved exceptions (if applicable)

Note:  If the Preparer phone or email is incorrect, please add the correct info to your comment.

  • Press F5 to complete the update and send the PAN.