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Academic Transactions

An academic appointee is one who is engaged primarily in one or more of the following: teaching, research, and public service, and whose duties are closely related to the university's instructional and research functions.

Included in this group are academic administrative officers, faculty, student appointees, medical residents, research appointees, Cooperative Extension and University Extension appointees, and librarians. For a complete list of academic titles, see the computerized list of title codes, which is available in campus academic personnel offices.

Academic appointees holding administrative positions in certain academic titles are designated as academic administrative officers. Examples are Dean, Associate and Assistant Dean, Divisional Dean, College Provost, Vice Provost, and Director (of an Organized Research Unit).

Faculty members holding certain administrative titles such as Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Provost are also academic administrative officers but are part of the Senior Management Group.

The following Academic Transactions have step-by-step instructions with screenshots to demonstrate the entry: