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Search for a Structure in DRS System

In the DRS System, any FIS user with at least Normal (N) access can see PPS and OPTRS structures.

For more information about access to make changes or edits in the DRS System refer to the Edit Access Guide on the PPS website.

This guide should be used to search for PPS or OPTRS structures. If a structure exists for the department it will be viewable no matter what the current status is. More information and instruction on the DRS System and creating/modifying structures can be found on the PPS Web site.

Before you begin:

  • Confirm you have FIS user access in the KFS Web Applications.

Step 1. Access the DRS System

  1. If you want to create a shortcut (bookmark or save as a favorite) this is the url address to use. Enter your campus login ID and passphrase (or password) as instructed at the Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen.
  2. At the FIS Web Applications menu select PPS/OPTRS Departmental Roles Structure.
  3. At the DRS System menu select Search Dept Roles Structure.

Step 2. Complete Query Fields for Search

  1. Enter as many or as few of the following sections as you choose:
    • Roles Structure ID - enter PPS or OPTRS, or leave blank for all
    • Status - select one or more for current status of structures, or leave blank for all
    • Home Dept Code - leave blank to return multiple departments in search
    • Dept Name - enter key word to search for all depts with that word in the name
    • User's Employee ID - provide exact employee ID to find all structures where that employee is in a role on the structure
    • User's Name - enter last name of employee, same results as for entering employee ID
    • User's Role - use in conjunction with employee ID or name field to find structures where a specific user is in a specific role on the structures
  2. For information on the Bulk Updates feature please refer to the Bulk Updates in DRS System guide.
  3. After making query selections, press Process Search button at bottom of screen to run the search and see results. If results are too limited then return to the search screen and reduce or change the criteria. If results are too broad, return to search screen and add or change the criteria.

Step 3. Select Structure and View

  1. Search results will be listed alphabetically by department name. Results are sortable by clicking on the column headers, results will sort in numerical (0000001-999999), alpha order (A-Z), or by date. To reverse the order click the same column header again.
  2. Click the View link to see that structure in detail. You can view any structure on the results list.

Step 4. Search Again or Return to the DRS Menu

  1. You can return to the results list from a structure.
  2. Use the Back button at the top of the screen.
  3. You can now return to the search criteria screen to search by new information or return to the DRS menu.
  4. Use the drop down menu or click on Go to Dept Roles Structure Menu in upper right corner.