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Mass Update to Add New User

In the DRS System, only the designated users may update PPS and OPTRS structures.

More information about how to get Edit Access in DRS can be found on the PPS website.

Several divisions and units have implemented clusters with service centers coordinating administrative work for multiple departments. This instructional guide is primarily for those service centers that maintain the structures for several departments, but is not restricted and can be used by anyone with more than one department structure to update.

Before you begin:

  • Confirm user has PPS and/or OPTRS edit access in DRS System.
  • Review structures prior to selecting for update, know which will be included in bulk change.
  • Verify structures for update have status of "New" or "Rejected/Returned".

Step 1. Access DRS System and select Search Dept Roles Structure

  1. Access the DRS System by entering your campus login ID and passphrase (or password) as instructed at the Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen.
  2. At the FIS Web Applications menu select PPS/OPTRS Departmental Roles Structure.
  3. At the DRS menu select Search Dept Roles Structure.

Step 2. Select Insert Role

  1. Enter search criteria to narrow search results to the structures you want to add user to.
  2. In the bulk update section use the drop down menu to select Insert Role. Insert Role can only be used when structures are in New or Rejected/Returned status. Structures not in this status will appear on the list of results but won't have box to select for update.
  3. Press Process Search button at bottom of screen to run the search and see results. Based on the  search criteria in upper section of search screen, you may get fewer, or more, results than expected. If results are too limited then return to the search screen and remove or change the criteria. If results are too broad, return to search screen and add or change the criteria

Step 3. Select Department Structures to Update

  1. From the results list use the check box to select a department for update (one click checks the box, a second click unchecks it). You can also use the ALL button in the column header to select all departments with a check box available.
  2. Once you've checked all the applicable departments for update, use the button at the top of the page to Perform Bulk Update Action on selected Dept Roles Structure(s). This will provide a new list with only those departments that have been selected.

Step 4. Process Bulk Update

  1. Departments you selected will display along with the update action you are performing. The Roles ID for each department is a hyperlink to that department structure, click it to open a new window with that structure displayed in View mode.
  2. Enter the PPS UserID for the employee to be added to the structure, or use the "..." button to search for the UserID by the employee's last name.
  3. Using the drop down menu select the role for the user on the structures. User can only be added to one role for all structures, if adding to a second role a second update will be necessary.
  4. Use the button Bulk Update All to perform the update action. In this example the update will add the user, Christine Marken, in a Back-up Preparer role for the departments listed. You can make further changes on each structure and/or submit for PPS Officer Review.
  5. After action is completed a message will confirm the structures updated, and those with errors, if any.
  6. Using the navigation link in the upper right corner, return to the Search screen or select another option from the menu. You can also exit the system using the Logout link in the upper left area of the screen.

Note: Remember, you have not completed the update process, only added a user. You may still need to complete other actions on the structures, or route to PPS Officer for review and approval.