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Mass Approve Changes in Sructure

Only the designated PPS Officers and Coordinators may approve PPS and OPTRS structures.

These individuals are usually at the dean's office or vice provost office level. More information about who the PPS Offers and Coordinators are for each unit can be found  on the PPS website.

PPS Officers and Coordinators must update their FIS user permissions to include Officer (RO) status in the DRS System. Instructions can be found in the Instructional Guide for PPS Officer Approval Access in DRS System guide.

This guide provides instruction on the process of reviewing and approving structures in the DRS System using the Mass Approve option.

Before you begin:

  • Confirm employee is PPS Officer or Coordinator with Officer permissions in DRS System.
  • If officer does not have approval status, refer to Instructional Guide for assistance on updating status.

 Step 1. Access DRS System

  1. Access the DRS System by entering your campus login ID and passphrase (or password) as instructed at the Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen.
  2. At the FIS Web Applications menu select PPS/OPTRS Departmental Roles Structure.
  3. At the DRS menu select Monitor/Approve Status of Department Roles Structure.
  4. If you are a PPS Office or Coordinator with Edit access, you will see additional selections on the DRS Menu.

Step 2. Select Structure for Review

  1. The chart is divided into two sections:
    • The upper section is a list of structures that have been submitted for PPS Officers and Coordinators review and approval
    • The lower section is a list of structures approved by PPS Officers and under review by PPS Admin to complete the process
  2. As a PPS Officer or Coordinator you will only have access to Modify structures for departments within your unit (in this example the PPS Officer is in Student Affairs). You can View any structure but can Modify only those in your unit. The list of structures are sortable by all column headers. The default sort when the screen opens is by Department Name.
  3. After locating the PPS or OPTRS structure for review, click the View link to open the structure in View mode.
  4. To see only the current version submitted for PPS Officer review and approval, select the highest number in the View Version area near the top of the screen. This will remove the prior version information and will be easier to read.
  5. Review structure to confirm:
    • All applicable splits have preparers and reveiwers assigned
    • PPS user in each role has approved access for that role
    • (see Adding New Users to DRS Structure for information on adding new users)
    • UPAY 564 / 644C Approver if applicable
    • Special Conditions routing if applicable

Note: To use the mass approve feature you must review each structure PRIOR to approval.

Step 3. Use Mass Approve Option to Update

  1. After reviewing each structure, select the check boxes for the structures you want to approve by clicking the check box.
  2. Use the Review changes in selected Dept Roles Structure(s) button to see the current version you've selected for approval.
  3. Review the roles for each structure one final time before selecting the button to APPROVE ALL at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Review Error Messages and Reject/Return Structures

  1. If errors, message identifies DRS structure ID and basic reason.
  2. Review error messages, if any. These structure will need to be returned/rejected with comments that explain to the department why the structure has been returned.
  3. Use navigation link in upper right corner to return to Monitor/Approve Status screen or exit the system using the Logout link in the upper left area of the screen.