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DRS System Changes

The DRS System assists the dean's offices, division/college clusters, and service centers that maintain multiple departmental structures giving them the ability to update multiple structures at one time.

The intent is to allow for changes in bulk, allowing the person doing the modifications to identify which departments to include and specific users on the structures to be changed.

Improved Search Features

You can now search by a specific employee name or employee ID number to produce a list of roles and structures for that PPS user. This is especially helpful when an employee retires or leaves the department and you want to be sure they have been removed from the current structures.

See the instructional guide at Using Search Features in DRS System

Modify Status of Structures in Bulk

You can now update the status of your structure to Create a New Version (used when status is Completed or Rejected/Returned) for multiple structures at one time.

Once your structures have all been updated and are ready to submit to the PPS Officer, DRS will allow you to change the status to Ready for PPS Officer for multiple structures at one time.

Add a Single User to Multiple Structures

You can now add a single user in a single role to multiple departments at a time. If you have more than one role or more than one user to add, repeat this action with the new role or the new user and still have the flexibility to include the structures of your choice.

Remove a Single User from Multiple Structures

Unlike adding a single user into a single role on multiple structures, this option allows you to remove a single user from every role on multiple structures. We think this will be most useful when an employee on your structures has moved to a new assignment and you need to remove them from all their roles on your structures.

Replace One User With Another User on Multiple Structures

Similar to removing a single user on multiple structures, there are times when you want to replace a user with another user in those same roles. This feature allows you to designate the user being removed and the user being added, the structures you want to update, and when completed it replaces every role on the designated structures.

See the instructional guide at Bulk Updates in DRS System.