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Getting PPS Officer Approval Access in DRS System

The DRS system is the electronic submission and maintenance process for the department role structures that replaced the paper-based PPS and OPTRS Departmental Organizational Structure forms.

DRS System Presentation can be accessed on the PPS website to provide an overview of the system.

This guide should be used by the individuals designated as PPS Officers and Coordinators (usually at dean's office or the equivalent) to provide instruction on the process of updating permissions to include PPS Officer Approval status for PPS and/or OPTRS structures. Additional guides on the PPS website provide instruction on creating new structures and updating structures in the DRS System.

Before you begin:

  • Contact the PPS Administrator at to communicate the change in PPS Officer roles
  • Confirm employee is an FIS User
  • If employee is not an FIS User, enter new user document in KFS to become an FIS User

Step 1. Navigate to KFS

  1. Access the Kuali Financial System (KFS)

Step 2. Select Web Accdess Document

  1. On the Main Menu, in the Chart of Accounts/Workflow section, click on Web Access.

Step 3. Search for Role

  1. On the Web Access Lookup, click the Search button to retrieve the available roles in DRS:
    • Departmental Roles Officer
    • Departmental Roles OPTRS Editor
    • Departmental Roles PPS Editor
  2. Click on the edit link for the access for which you wish to add or remove a user.

Step 4. Update Fields and Submit Document

  1. On the Web Access document, enter a business reason for creating the document.
    • If entering a new user for the role, enter their user ID in the Role Member field (click on the lookup icon if you are unsure of their user ID).
    • If inactivating a user for the role,  enter the desired date of inactivation in the Active To Date for that user.  (Use CTRL-F keys on your keyboard to quickly locate the user on the document).
  2. Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the document. The document will automatically route for approval by the appropriate personnel as it did with the KFS User document in KFS.
  3. It is recommended you check that your permissions have been approved and updated no sooner than one business day after request for Officer access has been sent. If errors are found restart process at Step 1, or contact the PPS Help Desk at 530-752-7750 for assistance.

Note: PPS Officer role includes edit access, you will not need to submit additional documents for roles as PPS Editor and OPTRS Editor.