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Adding Users to DRS Structures

The DRS System replaces the prior paper-based process for submitting Departmental Organizational Structures.

The complete processes for adding PPS Users to PPS and OPTRS Structures are listed below.

Please Note: A user must have a current PPS User ID in order to be added to the structure in the DRS System, but will not be approved for PPS or OPTRS Entry/Update Access until they have been added to the PPS or OPTRS Department Roles Structure.

Adding Current PPS Users

Current PPS users that are not already on the structure or are changing roles must have an updated application on file with the approved access for the department and role being added. If a PPS user has not been in a comparable role or had training within the past two years, training will be required before the user can be approved in the new role.

PPS Structures

After a new user has completed all of the /systems/pps/access/req-classes and all of the Required Practice Transactions, his/her supervisor will review the completed transactions for accuracy.

  • Once it has been decided that the user has completed the practice transactions satisfactorily, his/her supervisor will then need to send an email to the PPS Administrator at the PPS Help Desk stating that the practice transactions have been completed satisfactorily.
  • The practice transactions will then be submitted for Central Office Review, which takes approximately one week.
  • It is during this Central Office Review period that the department may submit the updated PPS Departmental Roles Structure.
  • If the practice transactions are not approved, then the Structure will be Rejected/Returned pending correction of the transactions.
  • If the practice transactions are approved, the Structure will be moved to Completed status with changes to add the applicable roles for PPS users as indicated on the Structure.

OPTRS Structures

The OPTRS Departmental Roles Structure may be submitted after the new user has enrolled in the OPTRS Entry/Update Access Required Classes.

Users Without PPS User ID

Users who have recently completed the PPS/OPTRS Entry/Update Access Requirements or who recently had PPS and/or OPTRS Entry/Update Access, but do not have a current PPS User ID due to a department change, will need to submit a PPS/OPTRS Access/Change Application and be approved for PPS Inquiry Access prior to being added to the Departmental Roles Structure.