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Departmental Roles Structure (DRS) System

The Departmental Roles Structure (DRS) System is an electronic database used to track and maintain departmental roles for PPS users entering and reviewing personnel and payroll transactions. 

Departments are able to track changes in their user roles, make updates quickly, and easily replace vacant roles using multiple update options. Structures submitted using DRS are electronically routed for approval, provide automated notification when status of the structure changes, and maintain separation of duties for all roles.

Departments are required to fill the following four roles with a minimum of three users (authorized and approved):

Primary Preparer Responsible for entering employee data into the Personnel/Payroll System in a manner consistent with University policy. Primary Preparers may NOT be Reviewers, and may NOT be KFS Fiscal Officers.
Mandatory Reviewer Verifies correctness and appropriateness of data entered into the Payroll/Personnel System within two business days of receipt (depending on distribution level). This review also helps to ensure against the possibility of entries that could result in fraudulent payments or loss of university funds. Mandatory Reviewer will be required to review PANs in web-based system. Maximum of one Mandatory Reviewer per category per department. Mandatory Reviewers may NOT be Preparers, and may NOT be KFS Fiscal Officers.
Backup Preparer Steps in as needed to complete the duties of the Primary Preparer; may also serve as Backup Reviewer.
Backup Reviewer Steps in as needed to complete the duties of the Mandatory Reviewer; may also serve as Backup Preparer. Backup Reviewer will be required to review PANs via email. Maximum of two Backup Reviewers per category per department.

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