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Required Practice Transactions

All users requesting Entry/Update access are required to complete all exercises for both Staff and Academic transactions as listed in the chart below.

Assistance with practice transactions can be found in the CICS PPS Guide or the Online PPS Guide.

Because these practice transactions are reviewed for accuracy when a group requests access to update in the production region, it is strongly recommended that each trainee closely follow the instructions in the guide for each transaction to ensure a "successful" practice. Please note - practices are reviewed to determine the user's understanding of policy. Therefore, it is critical that REAL data and codes be used (i.e. Correct Salary and Title Codes, Duration of Appointment, Next Salary Review Date and Type). The only 'made-up' data would be the employee's personal information (i.e. name, SSN, address).

After completion of all practice transactions:

  1. Trainee notifies their supervisor or mandatory reviewer they have completed the exercises.
  2. Supervisor or mandatory reviewer submits DRS PPS Structure and notifies the PPS Help Desk that exercises have been reviewed and are complete.
  3. Central Offices complete their review of all PANs.
    • Corrections will be discussed with supervisor/reviewer submitting request for review.
    • Approved PANs will be confirmed by PPS Administrator to supervisor/reviewer.
  4. PPS Adminstrator sends email to confirm status has been approved for update, and completes update of PPS structure.
  5. If notification is not received within two weeks from when the request for review is submitted, the supervisor/reviewer should contact the PPS Administrator at the PPS Help Desk.

When a guide for the transaction listed below is available, a link is provided for the CICS Guide, Online Guide, or both. When no link is listed there is no guide specifically written for this transaction, so recommendation is to use a closely related transaction (i.e. for the transaction Employment in Different Series use the transaction for Additional Employment.) For more on information on practicing in PPS see our FAQ.

Practice Transaction Staff Academic
Academic Summer Salary
CICS Guide
Adding Off Scale  
Change in Health Sciences
(for Medical School only)
Emeritus Status
CICS Guide
Employment in Different Series  
Extend Limited Appointment
CICS Guide
Funding Change
CICS Guide
Leave of Absence
CICS Guide,  Online Guide
Limited to Career Appointment
CICS Guide
Merit Increase
CICS Guide
New Hire
CICS Academic Guide,  CICS Staff Guide,  Online Guide
CICS Academic Guide,  CICS Staff Guide
CICS Guide
CICS Academic Guide,  CICS Staff Guide,  Online Guide
Sabbatical Leave
CICS Guide,  Online Guide
CICS Academic Guide,  CICS Staff Guide,  Online Guide
CICS Guide