Access Information

Please note that no further access to PPS is being granted due to transition to UCPath. 

Obtaining Access to PPS, OPTRS, and PPS-DS

Access to PPS is granted only for the performance of assigned job duties. Because of the confidential nature of the information in the Payroll/Personnel System, only employees who will be responsible for PPS administrative functions/ transactions will be given access to the PPS.

Termination Procedure for PPS Systems Access

PPS Systems include: Web-based PPS, CICS PPS (including OPTRS), PPS Decision Support, and Data Warehouse

  1. Access will be terminated upon user separating from the university; per UCD P&PM.
  2. Access will be terminated upon user transferring to another unit/department. Minimum of one week advance notification is required if user needs to retain PPS/OPTRS and/or PPS DS/DW access in old department. The request must specify an end date, and may be sent via email request or noted on an application request.
    • If no advance notification is provided, access will be suspended upon employee's departure from department.
    • If no response to first request for an end date is provided, employee's access will be suspended immediately.
  3. Access will be terminated if no response is received after a second notification is sent, or on the specified termination date.

Questions about a user’s access? Please contact one of the following based on the applicable system: