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Access Information

Please note that no further classes are being offered due to transition to UCPath. 

Obtaining Access to PPS, OPTRS, and PPS-DS

Access to PPS is granted only for the performance of assigned job duties. Applicants must:

  1. Submit signed PPS Access/Change Application (no additional requirements if requesting inquiry only access).
  2. Attend required courses.
  3. Complete practice exercises for PPS personnel entry access.
  4. Update DRS PPS/OPTRS Structure describing the division of the roles and responsibilities for transaction processing.

Because of the confidential nature of the information in the Payroll/Personnel System, only employees who will be responsible for PPS/OPTRS administrative functions/ transactions will be given access to the PPS.

What you should know

To obtain Entry/Update in the production region for PPS and OPTRS, a minimum of three users (authorized and approved) within a department/unit must fill the following four roles:

Primary Preparer Responsible for entering employee data into the Personnel/Payroll System in a manner consistent with University policy. Primary Preparers may NOT be Reviewers, and may NOT be KFS Fiscal Officers.
Mandatory Reviewer Verifies correctness and appropriateness of data entered into the Payroll/Personnel System within two business days of receipt (depending on distribution level). This review also helps to ensure against the possibility of entries that could result in fraudulent payments or loss of university funds. Mandatory Reviewer will be required to review PANs in web-based system. Maximum of one Mandatory Reviewer per category per department. Mandatory Reviewers may NOT be Preparers, and may NOT be KFS Fiscal Officers.
Backup Preparer Steps in as needed to complete the duties of the Primary Preparer; may also serve as Backup Reviewer.
Backup Reviewer Steps in as needed to complete the duties of the Mandatory Reviewer; may also serve as Backup Preparer. Backup Reviewer will be required to review PANs via email. Maximum of two Backup Reviewers per category per department.

The backup duties may be held by the same person. However, the backup preparer may not serve as the backup reviewer for the same set of transactions. Each transaction requires review by someone other than the preparer. A separation of duties must be maintained at all times.

Access Instructions

Reporting Changes:

Every department is responsible for keeping their DRS PPS & OPTRS Structure designations current and in compliance. See instructions when changes need to be reported.

Termination Procedure for PPS Systems Access

PPS Systems include: Web-based PPS, CICS PPS (including OPTRS), PPS Decision Support, and Data Warehouse

  1. Access will be terminated upon user separating from the university; per UCD P&PM.
  2. Access will be terminated upon user transferring to another unit/department. Minimum of one week advance notification is required if user needs to retain PPS/OPTRS and/or PPS DS/DW access in old department. The request must specify an end date, and may be sent via email request or noted on an application request.
    • If no advance notification is provided, access will be suspended upon employee's departure from department.
    • If no response to first request for an end date is provided, employee's access will be suspended immediately.
  3. Access will be terminated if no response is received after a second notification is sent, or on the specified termination date.

Questions about a user’s access? Please contact one of the following based on the applicable system: