Line Item Receiving Document

The Line Item Receiving document identifies the specific items (quantities) that have been received on a specific shipment for a Purchase Order.

The Line Item Receiving Document is ONLY used to identify what has been received, NOT the payment information. Payments are made on the KFS Payment Request document.


  1. Where Is Line Item Receiving Accessed?
  2. When Is Line Item Receiving Required?
  3. When Should Line Item Receiving Be Completed?
  4. Step-By-Step to Complete Line Item Receiving
  5. When Can Line Item Receiving NOT Be Used?
  6. How do I CORRECT a Line Item Receiving Document?
  7. Packing Slips
  8. Line Item Receiving Video Tutorial

1. Where Is Line Item Receiving accessed?

In KFS, on the left menu, click Jump To and type the word Line Item Receiving to access the document.

Or, you can search for the Purchase Order and click on the Receiving button at the bottom of the document.

2. When Is Line Item Receiving required?

It is REQUIRED when the information in the Items tab, Item Type field, Qty or Qty (nontaxable) was selected and:

  • Purchase of Capital Asset Equipment occurred (items at or above $5,000) and/or
  • TOTAL amount of order is greater than $10,000

In addition to the conditions listed above, Line Item Receiving is also required if the Requisition initiator checked the Receiving Required box on the Requisition document.

3. When Should Line Item Receiving Be Completed?

In most cases*, the Line Item Receiving document must be completed for the Purchase Order BEFORE the Payment Request document can be approved by the fiscal officer. If the Line Item Receiving document is not completed FIRST, the fiscal officer will receive an error message when trying to approve the Payment Request document.

If more than one shipment is received for the same order on the same day, it is acceptable to combine multiple shipments for the same PO on the same Receiving document.

*The one exception is for payments that are required by the vendor BEFORE the purchased items are delivered. In this case, on the Payment Request document, the Pre-Payment Certification box should be checked and the Pre-Payment Justification section completed. This will allow the Payment Request to be submitted and approved without requiring the Line Item Receiving document be completed first.

4. Step-by-Step to Complete Line Item Receiving

  1. On the Line Item Receiving document, enter the Purchase Order number and Date the Item(s) were received. You can (optionally) enter the packing slip number as well.
  2. Click the Continue button.
  3. On the next screen, in the Items section, enter the quantity received in the Qty Received field.
  4. Attach the packing slip to the Notes and Attachments section.
  5. Click the Submit button to submit the document. It will go to FINAL status immediately (no approvals required).
  6. If you need to process a Payment Request document, you can then proceed.

5. When Can Line Item Receiving NOT Be Used?

Line Item Receiving document CANNOT be processed for an item line if the following is true:

On the Requisition, in the Items tab:

  • Item Type field, No quantity (taxable) or No quantity (nontaxable) is entered

The Line Item Receiving document can ONLY be used for Quantity based orders.

6. How Do I Correct a Line Item Receiving Document?

If you enter a Line Item Receiving document incorrectly, you should do the following to correct it:

  1. Click the Doc Search button to locate the document. RCV is the Document Type. Enter the Purchase Order # to help narrow down your search.
  2. After locating the document, click the Correction button at the bottom of the document.
  3. Enter a Reason for the correction.
  4. The document will display what was previously entered on the document being corrected. Enter the correct amounts for received/returned/damaged.
  5. Click Submit button, and the document will go to FINAL status.

The amounts still available for receiving on the Purchase Order will be updated and will reflect correctly on the next Line Item Receiving document processed.

7. Packing Slips

Packing slips should be electronically attached to your Line Item Receiving document. In cases where a Line Item Receiving document was not created, you can add packing slips to your Payment Request document. Packing slips should NOT be attached to the Purchase Order. Packing slips are considered part of the receiving/payment process, not the purchasing process.

Line Item Receiving Video Tutorial