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Plan Files Now Open for FY21-22 Budget planning

Plan Files are now open for editing. Editors with active access* will be able to make changes in their plan files for the FY21-22 Budget from March 10 until June 30, 2021. Check the announcements on the system home page when you log in for news and updates (click "view" for full message). You will see notes about changes for this budget cycle, as well as the date of the labor snapshot for the FY21-22 cycle (3/5/21). 

We upgraded to a new version of AggieBudget so you may notice minor changes and new features. The first time you log in you will notice that the Axiom EPM client needs to reinstall due to the upgrade. You will not need to do anything except wait for the installation to be complete.

There is now an option to sign out of the web client (click your initials in the upper tool bar). It is not necessary but adds an extra layer of security for those who use it.

Contact us at if you have questions or need help with access.

*Users pending training must complete training to get access.