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FY 18/19 Final Budget Plan Files Now Available

The AggieBudget FY 18/19 Final Budget/Labor plan files are now available. The following changes have been made to the final budget plan files:

  • Assumptions have been updated.
    • GAEL
    • CBR Add On Rate (Now .15% instead of the .21% in the FY 18/19 Prelim Budget)
    • Tuition Rates
    • Fee Remission Rates
  • July 2018 Carry Forward and July 2018 Base Budget have been updated to reflect Actuals.
    • These amounts will now stay in the proper account in reports and will not be spread according to Account Group Spread Methods.
  • The YTD actuals column in Budget Plan Files has been updated from January to June Final.
  • All unmapped active Chart 3/S object codes have been mapped to Budget Groups.
    • These mappings may create minor changes to budgeted amounts because the “FY 18/19 Starting Point” is determined by actuals and actuals were updated to reflect the newly mapped object codes.
    • Moving forward chart 3/S object codes will be mapped as they are created.
  • Budget Decisions for the units that have received them were uploaded to the Commitments sheet.
  • Labor planning data was not updated and all user edits were maintained.

All budget information in reports now displays the Final Budget. For more information, see "FY 18/19 Final Budget Plan Files Available" in AggieBudget System Announcements.