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Congratulations, Reports Contest Winners!

From July through September, AggieBudget users were invited to participate in a Reports Contest to generate new and creative ideas or identify improvements to existing reports.

There were two submission categories: Novel Reports (new reports that don’t currently exist) and Tried-True Reports (reports that do exist in some fashion). Last month, the committee reviewed and evaluated contest submissions and selected some outstanding report concepts!
Overall, the committee ranked report submissions that had a visual display, clear explanations of the use and format of the report, and applicability to multiple users. Every submission generated good discussion and consideration for how AggieBudget could meet the specifics outlined in the suggested reports.

Novel Report Winners

1st Place: Cathy Miller, Commitment Funding Report. This report provides a different view of commitments and fund sources, which could be useful to any unit tracking commitments that extend over multiple years and sources of funding and could replace shadow tracking spreadsheets with this same information.
2nd Place: Carolyn McConville, Other Comp Budget Entries. This report will expand on the current Other Comp report in AggieBudget while providing a more comprehensive view across multiple plan files and allowing Other Compensation budget to actuals.

Tried-True Report Winners

1st Place: Chris Rockwood, Budgets and Fund Source. This report will show budget groups with sources and uses broken out by fund type, which could be useful for both academic and administrative units, especially when the fund type is being closely monitored.
2nd Place: Audra Wilson, Quarterly Report. This report will take the view of the Quarterly Ledger Review (QLR) to include the Current Qtr Expenditures, the Prior Qtr Expenditures, and Prior Year Qtr Expenditures. A quarterly view, with budget to actuals, would be helpful to both administrative and academic units.
Congratulations to all Reports Contest Winners! We look forward to seeing the new reports, or enhancements to existing reports, in the coming year. 
Participants who submitted other reports that were not selected will receive feedback from the committee. The variety of report submissions clearly illustrated the great analytical work that is occurring across campus!  
Special thanks go to all contest participants, as well as the Reports Contest Committee members:

  • Brad Tuana of Continuing and Professional Education
  • Shannon Tanguay of College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Tiffany Wright of Budget and Institutional Analysis and the AggieBudget Project Team
  • Tracy Ligtenberg of College of Letters and Science and the AggieBudget Project Team
  • Matt DeLano of the AggieBudget Project Team