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Cash Receipt

How to process cash and email receipts, obtain copies and cancel receipt documents.

Cash Receipt

A KFS Cash Receipt (CR) document must be filled out for all deposits made to university accounts. It must be completed in accordance with policy (PPM 330-55). Assistance with completing the CR can be found on the KFS website.

The appropriate portion of the CR must be included with the currency, coin, and checks deposited at the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office (Davis or Sacramento campus).

Email Receipt

An email receipt will be sent to the preparer of the CR document at the end of the working day in which the funds are deposited. This email address is generated from KFS and may not always be completely up-to-date. If you do not receive an email when one is expected, please contact us.

Obtaining Copies

A screen print of the CR document, along with all checks associated with it, are imaged by the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office. Please contact the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office at 530-752-0460 if you require information or a copy of a check. The Cashier & Payment Solutions Office will need the following information:

  • Amount of check
  • CR document number
  • Maker of the check
  • Check number if possible

Canceling a Cash Receipt Document

  1. Add a note to the CR doc in the Notes section indicating the reason for cancellation and the replacement document number if applicable. For example, "Please cancel, incorrect account number used, replaced with CR doc 30212123."
  2. Email Maureen Pigozzo at in Banking & Credit Card Merchant Services requesting the cancellation of the document.