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Self-Supporting Activities - Recharge / Internal Billing

What methods do service departments have for recharging?

Service departments can create Internal Billing (IB) documents in KFS or they can create an automatic feed. The FIS automated feed process will accept the chart, billing ID and object, or the full accounting unit (FAU). The FAU consists of the chart, account, sub-account, object, sub-object, and project.

The Organization Document Number field on the IB and the automated feed should be used to group associated transactions. This field is used to provide a link, or drill down, to individual line item detail.

  • For service activities that provide a discrete service or product, the tracking number should contain the customer's order number.
  • For service activities that provide a continuous or utility type service, the Organization Document Number field should contain the customer ID.

What steps are required for billing via an IB?

Billing detail should be entered in either the Explanation field or in the Items section so the information will be directly accessible through FIS Decision Support.

What steps are required for billing via a feed?

The transaction document number that is fed to the General Ledger should be a unique number that is never repeated between feeds.

  • This number provides a reference to the data feed that can be used by the departmental business office to assist in clarifying disputed charges with service activities.
  • It is not necessary to use the document number to reflect when the charges were incurred. A transaction posted date automatically appears on the General Ledger.

The automated feed process does not provide customers an opportunity to review/approve charges prior to the charges being posted to their accounts.