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July Carry Forward Balances

For self-supporting activities, all accounts within each UC fund close at the end of the fiscal year into the unexpended balance account for that specific fund.

The unexpended balance account holds the accumulation of net revenues/expenditures over the years the self-supporting fund has been operating.

For most self-supporting activities, balances are not carried forward as appropriations in the individual accounts. Instead the total for the fund is reappropriated to a single account titled "Provision for Allocation". The account starts with PR and is followed by the 5-digit UC fund (PR+fund). Example: UC Fund 60050 - Provision for Allocation account = PR60050.

Self-supporting activity departments are responsible for transferring the reappropriation entries from the provision account to the expenditure account(s). See detailed instructions below for completing the necessary Budget Adjustment (BA) documents in KFS.

Accounts for self-supporting activities belong to one of these sub-fund groups:


There are specific fund numbers in these sub-fund groups that should NOT be reappropriated by departments. If your account had a balance last year and has Annual Close Doc Types (ACLO) budget entries in the object consolidations for July (use Transaction Listing (2), click Consolidation and run for the UC Fund), then it has been reappropriated automatically. (Click here for instructions on creating a list).

If it does not have ACLO entries, then you must reappropriate from the provision account using a BA document.

To determine June final balances, use Sub-Fund Summary by Consolidation (55), or Balance Summary (1), and click the Consolidation Balances button. Query this report for June-Final and enter ONLY the UC fund number for your activity. The total June-Final expenditure balance for the fund will equal the amount in the provision account. Do NOT include encumbrances in the calculation of the account balance; encumbrances carry forward automatically.

If your June-Final total expenditure balance for the fund was a credit, you will prepare the BA document entering a debit to the provision account in SUB8 and a credit to your departmental expenditure account(s) in the object consolidation of your choice (SUBG, SUB3, SUB4, SUB5, SUB6 and/or SUB8).

If your June-Final expenditure balance was an overdraft, you will prepare a BA document crediting the provision account in SUB8 and debiting your departmental expenditure account(s).

Make sure the provision account and the unexpended balance account for your self-supporting activity report to your departmental organization and fiscal officer, unless more than one department is associated with a particular self-supporting fund. The unexpended balance account for self-supporting funds is generally the UC fund number + 00 or UB (e.g., UC fund 69999 has unexpended balance account 6999900; UC fund 62441 has unexpended balance account 62441UB).

Please contact General Accounting if you have any questions.