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Prototype Design

The defined segments of the UC Office of the President Common Chart of Accounts establish a framework for systemwide consistency in accounting structure and practices.     

The UC Office of the President (UCOP) Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA) will serve as the starting point for the design of our local Chart of Accounts (CoA), however, the segments of our final UC Davis CoA may look different.  

UC Office of the President CCoA segments

Account        Categorizes the nature of the transaction as a specific type of revenue, expense, asset, liability, or fund balance.
Entity Identifies the major operational unit within the University of California responsible for the transaction.
Fund Tracks spending restrictions and designations and categorizes net position for external reporting 
Department Represents the academic or operating unit responsible for, or affected by, a given transaction 
Function Designates the purpose of the transaction as it applies to both internal and federal/other external reporting requirements 
Program Associates transactions with a formalized set of ongoing systemwide or cross-campus/ location activities 
Project Tracks financial activity for a "body of work" that often has a start and end date and spans across fiscal years (e.g., sponsored research activity, capital project activity and projects internal to UC Davis)
Flex 1 Classifies transactions by activity or initiative in a way that no other segment can provide 
Flex 2 Classifies transactions by activity or initiative in a way that no other segment can provide 

UC Davis CoA prototype design considerations

Leveraging stakeholder engagement, the CoA design team will develop a UC Davis prototype. Prototype design is currently under consideration. More information will be available soon.