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Recharge Rate Committee Representatives



Lisa Frace Committee Chair, Chief Finance and Budget Officer and Senior Associate Vice Chancellor
Michael Legrand Finance - Accounting & Financial Reporting
Octavio Valencia Finance - Costing and Policy
Jim Seibert Finance - General Accounting
Terrence Ireland Budget and Institutional Analysis
Joe Borges Budget and Institutional Analysis
Suzette Garcia College of Agriculture and Environmental Science
Cathy Miller College of Biological Sciences
Manju Kaul College of Engineering
Nancy Wilson College of Letters and Science
Richard Schoener Continuing and Professional Education
Garren Rock Development and Alumni Relations
Steve Lanterman Finance, Operations & Administration
David Kimura Finance, Operations & Administration
DeeDee Kitchen Graduate School of Management
Rosemary Martin-Ocampo Graduate Studies
Brad Tuana Information & Educational Technology
Anissa Nachman Intercollegiate Athletics
Lori Dana Office of Research
Cory Vu Office of Student Affairs
Ariel Cormier Offices of the Chancellor and Provost
Damian Chapman School of Education
Jeffrey Colyer School of Medicine
Steven Wells School of Nursing
Shireen Lovell School of Veterinary Medicine
Elizabeth Vaziri University Library