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Service Activities Advisory Group Representatives



Kelly Ratliff Committee Chair, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance and Resource Management
Lean Castaneda Development and Alumni Relations
Damian Chapman School of Education
Sonja Colbert Offices of the Chancellor and Provost
Jeffrey Colyer School of Medicine
Lori Dana Office of Research
Ann Frago Finance, Operations & Administration
Helen Henry University Library
Bill Jackson Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Maju Kaul  College of Engineering
DeeDee Kitchen Graduate School of Management
Michael Legrand Costing and Policy
Rosemary Martin-Ocampo Graduate Studies
Cathy Miller College of Biological Sciences
Zishan Mustafa School of Medicine
Ruth Parcell Division of Social Sciences
JoAnn Pereira Information & Educational Technology
Chris Rockwood Development and Alumni Relations
Rob Scharf College of Agriculture and Environmental Science
Jim Seibert General Accounting
Brad Tuana University Extension
Corey Vu Office of Student Affairs
Steven Wells School of Nursing
Nancy Wilson School of Veterinary Medicine