Recharge Rate Committee

The Recharge Rate Committee consists of a representative from each D/VC/VP office.

The Recharge Committee routinely reviews activities that represent a higher level of risk to the campus and advises BIA on the extent to which the activities comply with relevant policies and procedures. 


The group serves in an advisory capacity to individual Vice Chancellors on establishment of charges for services rendered by campus departments. All rates, fines and fees, and establishment of service activity proposals will be referred to this body for recommendation.

  1. Rate Reviews should focus on the proper establishment of rates and review of cost components as they relate to competitive pricing, working capital requirements, and demand based fluctuations ensuring a break-even operation while conforming to campus policy (PPM 340-25) and federal costing principles (OMB Circular A-21) as appropriate.
  2. The group will act on fines and fees by judging the basic rationale and reasonableness of assessments to ensure conformance with policy.
  3. Proposals for origination of service activities on campus will be appraised for their ability to:
    1. Meet an identifiable need that cannot be effectively met by non-University sources;
    2. Fulfill educational, research, or public service functions; and
    3. Achieve cost effective savings through use of the service.

After reviewing proposals and additional analyses by the budget staff, the group will transmit its recommendation to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for action.


Rates, and to a lesser extent fines and fees, have important budgetary and operational implications both in financing the activities which charge for such services and to their clientele who have a need for services. Proper establishment of rates has become especially important in the management of Federal Contracts and Grants. Systemwide Direct costing Policy (Business and Finance Bulletin A-47) defines the role of service activities and speaks to the legitimacy of direct costing practices for these services as governed by sound budgetary and accounting principles. The campus is charged with establishment of service activities and subsequent review of operations for conformance with policy as outlined in Policy and Procedure Manual Section 340-25. The charge entails approval of rate and price schedules as they are developed as well as an annual cost review incumbent to the budget process. Such reviews include consideration of: a) competitive pricing; b) expansion or contraction of the service unit; c) working capital requirements; and d) use of outside vendors.