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Approval Documentation

All rates and activities are subject to annual compliance reporting. 

The Recharge Activity Table (PDF) below illustrates which office has final approval authority for establishing new recharge activity and modifying existing activity. 

rates_office with final approval table

Recharge unit rate reviews and adjustments should be performed on a regular basis and at minimum every two years. Mandated and widely consumed rates are reviewed by the Recharge Rate Committee every 3-5 years, and rates with greater than $50,000 C&G recharge activity reviewed annually by Research Accounting. At any time, a rate review may be called by the Deans/Vice Provost/Vice Chancellor, Budget and Institutional Analysis, or Research Accounting.

Sample Approval Letters and Documentation

If approval by BIA is not required, then the office of the D/VC/VP is responsible for communicating the establishment of a new activity or the modification of an existing activity. For examples, refer to Appendices I and II of the Sample Approval Letters below: 

The office of the D/VC/VP is the office of record for recharge activities and is responsible for maintaining documents related to the establishment, modification and termination of a recharge activity. For additional information, refer to section on Documentation (see IV.F.) in the Detailed Guidelines (PDF).