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Welcome to the Aggie Enterprise Resource Library! 

Here you will find a variety of materials such as slide decks, handouts and reference guides to help navigate the Aggie Enterprise project. Check back often as more resources are added in preparation for go-live on July 1, 2023. 

Click on the links below to download the resources. 

Project Overview 


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Aggie Enterprise Overview 


The Aggie Enterprise Overview slide deck provides an introduction to the project goals, scope and timeline. Please contact the CCT team to schedule presentations on special topics. 

Aggie Enterprise Project Overview Quick Reference Guide PDF The Aggie Enterprise Project Overview Quick Reference Guide provides key information about what is changing, why it's changing, and who will be impacted.  



The Aggie Enterprise glossary supports a shared vernacular and understanding of the change.  

Guiding Principles Handout 


The Guiding Principles are foundational values and priorities that will be referenced throughout the course of the project when evaluating key decisions.  

Preparing for Aggie Enterprise: Checklist 


A checklist of activities that individuals can begin today in order to prepare for Aggie Enterprise. 

Chart of Accounts and POET(AF)  


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Chart of Accounts Resource Guide (Updated July 22, 2022) PDF Brings all Chart of Account resources together in a single place in the recommended order for reviewing.

Chart of Accounts Quick Reference Guide (Updated April 2022) 


The Chart of Accounts Quick Reference Guide provides the definition and purpose for each segment, creating a common language for all financial transactions.  

FAU to CoA Mapping Quick Reference Guide (Updated August 2022) PDF The FAU to CoA Mapping Quick Reference Guide provides high-level details of how current FAU values translate to the new Chart of Accounts.

PPM and POET(AF) Quick Reference Guide (Updated May 2022) 


The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and POET(AF) Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of the PPM module, a subledger in Oracle, and the unique chart string used in this module. 

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