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Guiding Principles

The Aggie Enterprise guiding principles were developed to ensure alignment with the university's strategic priorities and industry best practices. 

These principles, developed by the project governance in consultation with the project management office and key stakeholders, will inform the governance decisions and project team actions throughout the course of the project. 

Aggie Enterprise is a strategic business transformation initiative. 

Aggie Enterprise will align systems and process to support sound financial management, transforming current business practices to embrace current technology and reduce inefficiencies. Once implemented, the system will deliver integrated modern financial accounting and controls, reporting, budget and planning, procurement capabilities and data analytics. 

The project will leverage best practices in financial management and business operations. 

Design decisions will be based on best practices in financial management and business operations, evaluated for the good of the institution as a whole. UC Davis will rely on the built-in configuration of the system and adapt business processes to these standards, implementing new solutions to replace home-grown or obsolete systems.   

The transformation initiative will drive accountability and decision-making. 

Data analytics and standard workflows will inform new business processes that support sound financial management and accountability. New reporting capabilities will provide standard financial reporting, analysis and oversight tools, along with improved integrated internal controls. New budget and planning capabilities will enable strategic alignment of resources to support the mission of the university. 

The design will maximize configuration and eliminate customizations. 

Through modern process design, UC Davis will leverage built-in flexible configurations and eliminate code customizations. This will help maintain system integrity, allowing UC Davis to take advantage of regular system updates delivered by Oracle, rather than requiring substantial periodic reimplementation of the system.  

With support from implementation partners, UC Davis will appoint internal resources to lead the project. After implementation, UC Davis will independently support the system without the ongoing use of external resources.  

The governance team will seek to maintain the balance between timeline, budget and scope as envisioned in the initial plan.  

In any major system implementation, there is a natural tension between timeline, budget and scope. We will adhere to a governance model that provides leadership, accountability and oversight, and considers the needs of stakeholders throughout UC Davis. While all options will be discussed when decisions need to be made, there will be a bias toward maintaining timeline first, then budget, and then scope as part of the decision-making rubric. The Governance Team will work to maintain the project plan as originally envisioned, with a go-live date of July 1, 2023.